Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall in Boston pt. 2

well it is more like winter in Boston at this point. Unfortunately, not all my autumnal dreams were realized so here is an amended list and more....hmm... reasonable list. (It actually is. No kidding!)

Kain Label @ revolve

only the skirt, Vanessa Bruno @ LaGarconne

Danskin skating tights (..brrrr) @ some shady skating store

Danskin supplex tights (again brrrr) @ amazon

Alex Wang @ Standard Deviation. So soft and an interesting cut for a basic too. This is a summer in Boston item too. When it is snowing outside it is about 80 degrees Farenheit in the classroom so this is a double season kind of item.

Lurex cardi @ Diani. So lovely. Not cashmere by far, but it will probably last longer, no? (I know it is a bit passe but I love RO. Margiela when things get serious, but RO for all other times. Word.)

Lovely and sort of boring (see RO and MM reference above) @ LaGarconne

Aye sailor! I love the stripes. My dream is a much cheaper tenyashka, but I have not been able to find one in my size. (Kind of difficult since they are made for the Russian navy.)

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