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Wardrobe - Work in Progress

There comes a time in a graduate student's life where the area known as wardrobe - if you are lucky to have one - turn into a black hole. Last night I had such a moment when A and I blissfully headed to ES for a couple of drinks and some oysters. A looked as magnificent as ever:
Fuzzy MMM jeans - check
MMM boots - check
MMM shirt - check
Raf Simons jacket - check
Random Italian
Old yet somehow cool
in a Euro way coat- check
I love my man!
Now let's go on about yours truly: MMM sheer backless top worn under coat below while there was snow on the ground and some you know, cute, high-waisted pants that have certainly seen better days, and some Report MMM look alikes - you know not sufficiently similar to be called knock offs but still nodding towards MMM. Peasant hair and red lips.
I looked good! But... I was not satisfied. So now I am making a shopping list for planned acquisitions for my wardrobe in the coming months. The difficulty is though, that I am going on the profession this summer -- you know as some sort of apprentice, hopefully paid!-- an I need to look a bit.. ahem.. professional (not in the high-class hooker way, please although I would not mind, love the style!)

Here is the stuff... I'll try and keep it minimal:
via Revolve Clothing; already own

This darling leather leggings are a bit declasse and perhaps inappropriate for a young lady such as myself on many levels (i.e. they are fucking ubiquitous) but I would add them, although let's say they are a frosting and not a main course.
via Seven NY

Lovely MMM Tabi boots. The heel is great for a shorty like myself so I look edgy and not like my little pony
via Aloha Rag

Stained MMM shirt. Perhaps not very work appropriate... [not available in my size] via Anastasia
Jet black Acne Hex to replace my worn out pair

via Totokaelo
APC Breton top [no longer available; my 1960s Marimekko is good enough, though in flimsy cotton instead of cashmere; it is -5 degrees Celsius in Boston today)

Repetto Bolchoi to walk around B-town in:
via Bird LA

Comfy cardi to be layered under my waxed moto jacket:
via Bird LA

Some work appropriate gear to go with MMM jacket etc.
Vanessa Bruno tweed pants
via La Garconne
or Phillip Lim karate pants
via ShopJinny
Also this dress which promptly entered my dream box.

If I am going to have a T-shirt, forget Alex Wang. I want this. Or this dress.
These lovelies by Ilaria Nistri
via SSense

Finally 2 of these cheap and chic Gap flats that can do no wrong:
via the GAP

Ok. This is it. Of course I can cross the leather leggings of the list now. Frankly they are the most expensive and banal item. Let's see how the list fares. Pancetta get your belly ready!
P.S. For those who miss me: Big Kiss!

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Martin Margiela left the MMM to perhaps move to LA and become a painter. It is a matter of indifference to those interested in the Margilea design aesthetic, at least for the moment. The past few seasons the Maison has been moving on a markedly different direction. Unlike the critics, I am not hostile to the new MMM: Comparing the house's collection from the mid 1990's or so to the current collection, the difference is obvious (look at some of the earlier posts here and the post below). The new collections constitute a "watering down" of the Margiela aesthetic suitable for a wider market. The designs continue to be ingenious, and frankly are more interesting than most other collections produced recently.
The New York Times published a brief article on Margiela's interior design endeavors, specifically his design of the suite Ile aux Oiseaux at Les Sources de Caudalie near Bordeaux. A. compiled some images from which the suite decor might have been inspired form Resnais' Last Year at Marienbad and Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey.

via NY Times


circa 1991, if i am not mistaken, via Catherine Pri

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for my love

via the cherry blossom girl

Soon we are going to decorate a christmas tree, and a bit later we are going to have our own.

via flicker

Homage to Pirandello!

The only time it pays off having a Facebook account... via 3quarksdaily on FB:

In 2009 we were in Denmark witness to a rather unusual and spectacular literary incident. The Danish author Claus Beck-Nielsen declared himself dead in 2001. A year later he was resurrected as the nameless director of the art factory Das Beckwerk, the mission of which was to continue the life and work of Claus Beck-Nielsen. In 2003, accompanied by the performance artist Thomas Skade-Rasmussen Strøbech, he journeyed to Iraq under the name "Nielsen" with the stated aim of establishing democracy in the war-ravaged country. Their trip resulted in a series of newspaper articles and TV programmes.

Subsequently, the man formerly known as Claus Beck-Nielsen wrote the book Selvmordsaktionen (The suicide mission, 2005) about the journey. In 2006 the pair travelled together again with a similar project, this time to the USA; Suverænen (The sovereign) was published in 2008, with Das Beckwerk credited as the author. The book, which is promoted as a novel, is largely about Thomas Skade-Rasmusse, and describes among other things elements of his friend's private life. Skade-Rasmussen, who, to make things even more confusing, also works under a number of pseudonyms, sued Das Beckwerk in 2009; in his opinion, the man formerly known as Claus Beck-Nielsen had invaded his private life and made public sensitive and private information. Confused? With good reason. Essentially, a fictional character is suing the novel's author! This has never before been seen in Denmark – and probably nowhere else either.

Literary perspectives: Denmark

The contemporary literary reservation.

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Feeling like Bardot or Anna Karina

Should I?

via American Apprel

I probably shouldn't...

via SSense


Very excited today. I am studying for my last final of my first semester in law school and Archdaily posted some photographs of MAXXI Museum by Zaha Hadid. I have seen quite a few photos so far, and cannot wait to visit it at some point. Until further notice of postponement, it will open on April 2010.
via Archdaily, click on image for more

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Thinking of Venice. An afternoon spent on the balcony feasting on meats and cheese and cheap wine. On plastic chairs. Lights off because of the mosquitoes. The cupola of a nearby church on our right and antennae sprouting all around. And kisses. Your eyes. A sad moment (Don't be silly!). Love.

Herzog & DeMeuron - Prada

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Sandy Claws?

via Anastasia.

But seriously, Sandy I'd rather get cash... :-(

New York

After Christmas and perhaps for the New Year in New York. In love. Happy. pic via Yvan Rodic -super rad blog!


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Delicious hipsters!

Just because there is nothing like looking at old streetstyle photos rather than studying for property. I studied all year long and can afford such distractions and digressions!
Below is delightful photograph of some Seattle hipsters. I do not like hipsters. They are ok. I just don't like them. But dude in the middle is wearing some badass pants. Very Yohji!(I mean that as a compliment!) And the jacket on the tall dude has amazing details!

And seriously, how dandy does this dude look. In Law School, pfff people look like crap. I get it lawyers are usually pretty douchey, but there's no need of looking like a nerd or homeless and be a douche. Be easy on the eyes fellaz...
both via my very favorite 21eme arrondissement.

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Pretty girls read Sartre

For the past 4 years, I have toyed with the idea of writing something... you know, a novel. I had a concrete idea--don't we all have concrete ideas?--for about three years, and even sketched some of the plot. The past three months, I have been feeling in more playfully Kafkaesque mood and have been thinking about a different story related to the destruction of some minor Roman ruins in my native country and some of the absurdities relating to their aftermath. It requires research too, which is great because I can be a research donkey!
Well, when I think about my ideaz, I always spend time imagining myself thinking those ideas (if I eased the onanistic solipsism, I could probably write something other than this), which brings us to the picture below. Yes, I have oversize glasses, striped shirts and a wool coat and carry a moleskines with me...

via Six Six Sick (dope blog!)

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via Fashin

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Idea killaz!

...otherwise it is going to be ranting and rambling (I have since wizened to know that John Updike of my generation I am not*). Here is a cute post via Kingdom of Style. Idea Killers! Very cute...

*I swear there is a Raskolnikov in my section in school though. As long as I don't end up a dumpling** is all good.

**Yes, there are no dumplings in Crime and Punishment, but save yourselves from a piano!***
***Now I sound like a lil lit nerd!
****I downloaded this yesterday and can no longer go to the bathroom unaccompanied!


What better way to start exam week than stripes --- I will be wearing lots of them, moslty in the form of pjs (Joking, I do not own pjs).

via Stylesightings

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Sincerest form of flattery

"Self-important, pompous, pretentious, solipsistic, often obscure, sometimes barely coherent, his book seems to address itself only to those in the know. The translation ....renders all these faults with exemplary accuracy."

If this were my book, I would put this in the back cover praises! via Leiter Reports

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Ma maison c'est ta maison.

Ma maison c'est ta maison. Every time I am in New York I visit the Margiela store. I have not bought anything (so far, although I have been willing to, but I am unwilling and unable at this period of my life), but my company has (I am not an one of those people!).
Anyways, in the near future I may be able to forgo my pilgrimage to the Maison, because the Maison is in the home! (This is a low point in my blog, but I really do want to be a catchy writer--I might have to edit this later, when I can think clearly!)
Last spring MMM announced its foray into the world of furniture and design. Here are some of the results via slamxhype.

P.S. Maison is in the home... not so bad if you consider From Bauhaus to our house. Word!