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Vintage Cardin

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"My Boutique" on Revolve... if you must.

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New Hair?

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Not calling you out Jeffrey Campbell

I come across knock-offs and designer inspired stuff all the time. E-window-licking is my second nature after all. Some of this "stuff" is sort of, kinda of interesting, others are bad, too obvious and pathetic. The latter category makes for a more interesting blog post.
The above "swordmaker booties" available here for a cool $140 fall in the second category (That is why I am writing about them after all). They are modeled after this several seasons old Margiela shoes:

Exhibit One

And because Jeffrey Campbell like to tackle several seasons in one shoe, Exhibit Two:

I am not going to point out the similarities and the elements showcasing the Jeffrey Campbell creativity. I do want to say to the 103 people that have liked the swordmaker booties on Facebook that those booties are fucking ugly! Cheerio!

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MMM x Cutler & Gross

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Anri Sala

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Anri Sala

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Last Year at Marienbad

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Pupi Avati


I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Italy, that I woke up an hour ago (at 7 o'clock!!!) but in liu of editing, google imgaes bore me off to the magical world of Pupi Avati's filmography! I cannot wait to stroll about Tuscany [no relation to Pupi, but they are sufficiently similar, no?]. Not Barilla commercial style, I swear! After all I am not a pre-menopausal American woman who finds love in the arms of the young D&G approved farmhand... Trully, I am happy to finally be with my darlings A and B, sweating under the scorching son... My taupe silk shorts are going to be wet in awkward places from the heat, my Missoni rubber flats are going to slip off my feet while causing some nasty callouses , but my straw hat is going to stay confidently on top of my perfectly wavy hair! (Don't diss its stiffness! It's still cool! Plus taupe silk + Missoni + some overpriced basic tee + cheap hat = Bobo or... um... village idiot. This is Tuscany after all! I bet their toilet paper is made by Missoni). Let me point out that, the hat is the only of the aforementioned items that I presently own, but I am hopping those other two will be mine soon so as not to ruin the vision.

Missoni, Free People, J.Crew, See by Chloe

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K. Melnikov (1890-1974) and his wife stand before their house . (1927) Via Bldg Blog.

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