Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An ode to my evenings with A.

I am talking about the great Pupi Avati and his miniseries Voci Notturne (directed by Fabrizio Laurenti, but written by Avati) with which A. and I have become obsessed. It started after we watched Regalo di Natale, a very interesting film about a poker game during which parts of the player's lives are revealed. Then we watched snippets of La Casa dalle Finestre che Ridono and the much later Hideout. Both are very good films, beautifully shot. For films of their genre, they are masterful and very layered both in terms of the plot and visuals. What is more charming about them is the atmosphere fragile, intense, musty and nostalgic.
Voci Notturne is certainly not a great work, but it is gripping and it is populated by complex characters in a well-develop-ing (I have not finished watching it yet!) plot.
Oh, and skeptics will be surprised to know that Pupi Avati collaborated on the script for Pasolini's Salo.

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