Friday, November 27, 2009

Ma maison c'est ta maison.

Ma maison c'est ta maison. Every time I am in New York I visit the Margiela store. I have not bought anything (so far, although I have been willing to, but I am unwilling and unable at this period of my life), but my company has (I am not an one of those people!).
Anyways, in the near future I may be able to forgo my pilgrimage to the Maison, because the Maison is in the home! (This is a low point in my blog, but I really do want to be a catchy writer--I might have to edit this later, when I can think clearly!)
Last spring MMM announced its foray into the world of furniture and design. Here are some of the results via slamxhype.

P.S. Maison is in the home... not so bad if you consider From Bauhaus to our house. Word!

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