Saturday, November 14, 2009

New York

I spent the most beautiful day of the past few months in New York. The Margiela sale was a disaster for lack of sizes and the prices were too high on what fit me (I am lamenting not being in NY today when the prices were almost 90%... though I am so over it!).

We visited the Highline, and that made the whole trip worthwhile. D + S are incredible -- The idea of the park was an incredibly innovative way to utilize the remnants of the railway. The design at certain points mimicks the natural decline by the asymmetrical and sometimes sudden sprouts of flora. The benches and seating areas, the theater facing the streets... it is such an incredible space to be in.

Back in rainy Boston, Margiela-less, I would rather be wearing these...possibly all at the same time:

via Swank Vinatge and Couture Vintage

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