Monday, December 7, 2009

Delicious hipsters!

Just because there is nothing like looking at old streetstyle photos rather than studying for property. I studied all year long and can afford such distractions and digressions!
Below is delightful photograph of some Seattle hipsters. I do not like hipsters. They are ok. I just don't like them. But dude in the middle is wearing some badass pants. Very Yohji!(I mean that as a compliment!) And the jacket on the tall dude has amazing details!

And seriously, how dandy does this dude look. In Law School, pfff people look like crap. I get it lawyers are usually pretty douchey, but there's no need of looking like a nerd or homeless and be a douche. Be easy on the eyes fellaz...
both via my very favorite 21eme arrondissement.

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