Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wardrobe - Work in Progress

There comes a time in a graduate student's life where the area known as wardrobe - if you are lucky to have one - turn into a black hole. Last night I had such a moment when A and I blissfully headed to ES for a couple of drinks and some oysters. A looked as magnificent as ever:
Fuzzy MMM jeans - check
MMM boots - check
MMM shirt - check
Raf Simons jacket - check
Random Italian
Old yet somehow cool
in a Euro way coat- check
I love my man!
Now let's go on about yours truly: MMM sheer backless top worn under coat below while there was snow on the ground and some you know, cute, high-waisted pants that have certainly seen better days, and some Report MMM look alikes - you know not sufficiently similar to be called knock offs but still nodding towards MMM. Peasant hair and red lips.
I looked good! But... I was not satisfied. So now I am making a shopping list for planned acquisitions for my wardrobe in the coming months. The difficulty is though, that I am going on the profession this summer -- you know as some sort of apprentice, hopefully paid!-- an I need to look a bit.. ahem.. professional (not in the high-class hooker way, please although I would not mind, love the style!)

Here is the stuff... I'll try and keep it minimal:
via Revolve Clothing; already own

This darling leather leggings are a bit declasse and perhaps inappropriate for a young lady such as myself on many levels (i.e. they are fucking ubiquitous) but I would add them, although let's say they are a frosting and not a main course.
via Seven NY

Lovely MMM Tabi boots. The heel is great for a shorty like myself so I look edgy and not like my little pony
via Aloha Rag

Stained MMM shirt. Perhaps not very work appropriate... [not available in my size] via Anastasia
Jet black Acne Hex to replace my worn out pair

via Totokaelo
APC Breton top [no longer available; my 1960s Marimekko is good enough, though in flimsy cotton instead of cashmere; it is -5 degrees Celsius in Boston today)

Repetto Bolchoi to walk around B-town in:
via Bird LA

Comfy cardi to be layered under my waxed moto jacket:
via Bird LA

Some work appropriate gear to go with MMM jacket etc.
Vanessa Bruno tweed pants
via La Garconne
or Phillip Lim karate pants
via ShopJinny
Also this dress which promptly entered my dream box.

If I am going to have a T-shirt, forget Alex Wang. I want this. Or this dress.
These lovelies by Ilaria Nistri
via SSense

Finally 2 of these cheap and chic Gap flats that can do no wrong:
via the GAP

Ok. This is it. Of course I can cross the leather leggings of the list now. Frankly they are the most expensive and banal item. Let's see how the list fares. Pancetta get your belly ready!
P.S. For those who miss me: Big Kiss!

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